People showered notes on Manvi’s banging dance

Manvi BHardwaj

Manvi BHardwaj New Dance Video: People are going crazy about Manvi’s dance on social media. Lots of liking on the video. In a stage show, the dancer showed such a performance that people became crazy about the dancer. Crowds of people gather to watch the dancer’s dance in a program, one such dancer is Manvi Bhardwaj, whose crowd gathers to watch her dance, recently a video of her has surfaced on social media in which That she is seen giving her wonderful performance on the stage.

In this viral video, you can see that there is a program in the village where many artists are present, some artists are playing instruments on the stage and one artist is singing in the mic, two or three dancers are also visible behind. In which one Manvi Bhardwaj is also there, when Manvi Bhardwaj is coming on the stage, people start shouting loudly on seeing her, seeing Manvi, people are getting injured on her style,

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Not just once but Manvi Bhardwaj has been showing her dance skills in the same village for 4 years, due to which people have become her fans. In this video you can see that Manvi Bhardwaj is looking very beautiful in light make-up and open hair wearing a pink suit, and is winning the hearts of the people with her waist swings on the stage, seeing her dance, people become crazy about her. went.