Song made on SDM Jyoti Maurya’s infidelity, video trended

SDM Jyoti Maurya

SDM Jyoti Maurya Song News: PCS PCS officer Jyoti Maurya posted in Bareilly, UP is getting viral on social media these days. Their discussion started when her husband Alog alleged that Jyoti eloped with someone else after becoming SDM.

Bhojpuri song has also come on SDM SDM Jyoti Maurya Alok Maurya Singer of Bhojpuri Industries has prepared many songs on Bebwai. Jyoti Maurya’s case is going on, till then Bhojpuri singers have sung hundreds of songs on Jyoti Maurya and uploaded them on YouTube.

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Ever since Jyoti Maurya’s husband came on the media and told about Jyoti Maurya, only Jyoti Maurya Alok Maurya is being discussed on social media, whether it is a big YouTuber or a big Facebook page, everyone is talking about Jyoti Maurya. It is happening that the news of Jyoti Maurya is going on a lot in the media as well.

SDM Jyoti MauryaSDM Jyoti Maurya’s news in headlines, Jyoti Maurya’s husband Alok Maurya told that when we were married to Jyoti Maurya, Jyoti Maurya had said that I want to study further and I would like to join civil service, after that Alok Maurya got the permission of his family members to get Jyoti Maurya’s admission done in Prayagraj from where Jyoti Maurya started civil service studies. After hard work, Jyoti Maurya got success in UPSC.

Alok Maurya tells that after Jyoti Maurya passed UPSC, there was an atmosphere of happiness in the whole village because the people of the village felt that the daughter-in-law of their village had passed UPSC and Jyoti Maurya also said that my husband and my father-in-law Today I have been able to clear UPSC with your help.

But after becoming SDM, Jyoti Maurya had a relationship with a non-man, after that Alok Maurya shared the secret things written in his diary on WhatsApp chats, on social media, after that crores of people stood on the side of Alok Maurya, now people are saying . Alok Maurya should get justice because even after being a sweeper, Alok Maurya taught his wife by working hard and made her SDM, when the wife became SDM, forgetting her husband, she is loving a person of her level.

As soon as this news came to Bhojpuri singers, Bhojpuri singers also sang songs on Na Aav Dekha Na Taav and Jyoti Maurya. Singers have sung hundreds of songs on SDM Patni, which are available on YouTube. You can see those songs by searching on YouTube. While some singers have gone to sing in favor of Jyoti Maurya, some singers have gone in favor of Alok Maurya but Jyoti Maurya and Alok Maurya are trending on social media these days.


Investigation started against Commandant Manish Dubey

Jyoti Maurya, a PCS officer posted in Bareilly, Uttar Pradesh, is in headlines these days. Their discussion started when her husband Alog alleged that Jyoti eloped with someone else after becoming SDM. At the same time, he had also alleged that Jyoti along with her alleged lover wanted to kill him. At present, the investigation is going on in the matter, only after the report comes, it will be revealed that how true are the allegations of Alok.

Due to the transfer of many district commandants, there has been a delay of one week. In this regard, DGP Home Guard Vijay Kumar Maurya says that DIG Santosh Kumar, who is probing the matter, has been instructed to complete the investigation soon.

Alok Maurya, the husband of the female PCS officer, had alleged in the past that Manish Dubey conspired with his wife to kill her. Alok had appealed to Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath for justice in this regard. He had also alleged that his wife and Manish Dubey were in touch with each other since 2020. The chaut (conversation) on mobile phone WhatsApp regarding the allegations was also made public.

After receiving instructions from the Chief Minister’s court to investigate the matter, the Home Guard Headquarters ordered the DIG posted in Prayagraj to investigate the matter. The investigation report was supposed to come this week, but due to transfers of several district commandants including Manish, it will come next week. The DGP said that at present the report is awaited. The investigating officer has been directed to prepare and send the report at the earliest.